Would you like to dance again, play sports again, have

fantastic sex, and feel and look younger?

Medical Advances Make It Possible to Lower Your Genetic Age and Feel 20-Years Younger, Again

young at heartNew Health Fiduciary Service Shows You How to Add Vitality To Your Golden Years

happy AVN client

With advances in medical technology our current generation of retiree’s are living longer, which presents a concern; being able to enjoy ALL your Golden Years with Optimal Health and Vitality!

Environmental carcinogens, pollutants and toxins in our food, water and AIR have compromised health and vitality of folks across all age spectrums. (WebMD) Are you one of those affected?

You need not settle for what many believe is fate. With modern breakthroughs in anti-aging medicine, you can create your own fate by turning back your biological clock 20 years! American Vitality Network can help your body operate like it did in its thirties, restoring the vitality, vigor and flair you once enjoyed.

Living Too Long is NOT an Issue; Living WELL Is!

Have you experienced any of the following?

happy couple on beachYou Don’t Have to Settle for a Lay-Z-Boy, Bingo and Jell-O

Must you settle for this? No! Medical breakthroughs make it possible to reverse these conditions and feel 20-years younger, again. Imagine having the energy, strength and the sex drive to be able dance the night away and then love your spouse. To hit the gym and have the body your energy deserves. Being a grandfather with the stamina to keep up with the grandchildren.

American Vitality Network, a NEW Health Fiduciary service, has partnered with specialized doctors to offer a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, medical concierge service designed to know you down to the cellular level, to address ALL your health needs holistically and synergistically for a NEWER YOUNGER YOU.

Get your Questions Answered and Start Feeling Younger and Healthier, TODAY!

Our Health Services Include:

The Best Personalized, All-Inclusive Medical Service Available!

American Vitality Network (AVN) offers an unprecedented level of all-inclusive medical service. You will meet with our Head Coach, Health Fiduciary, Chris White, who will create your medical team based on your specific needs and personality. Our Concierge service is strictly confidential, NEVER reporting to any insurance company or medical authority.

GAINSWave Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement

Most men are concerned about sexual performance as they get older. We offer safe and effective clinically proven treatments for ED and Male Enhancement, so you can continue enjoying a happy and healthy sex life! American Vitality Network (AVN) offers the latest in erectile dysfunction and male enhancement with GAINSWave.

The Best and Latest Stem Cell Technology Available!

Chara Biologics has teamed up with American Vitality Network (AVN) to bring the latest in stem-cell research to AVN members at member pricing.

The Lab Tests You Need, Confidentially! Never Reported

American Vitality Network (AVN) has partnered with a state-of-the-art laboratory, utilizing the latest testing available to ensure the most accurate results. These tests look beyond average testing. Tests are shared only with you and your specialized AVN team of doctors. They’re never reported to any other organization without your explicit, written permission.

Have More Energy, Strength and Better Sex

While there are many symptoms of our aging problems, often, there is one root cause – testosterone. Testosterone affects your sex drive, stamina, energy, muscle mass, reproductive system, ability to process sugar and avoid diabetes and much more. Restoring or replacing your testosterone levels will have you feeling and living younger.

Help Your Body Repair Itself and Enjoy More Vitality and Energy

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), helps your body to repair itself. Moreover, it also regulates body composition, fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, according to WebMD. AVN doctors can help you restore or replenish your HGH levels, which in conjunction with testosterone, will deliver amazing anti-aging results.

Optimize Fat Loss, and Build and Strengthen Muscle

According to NIH (The National Institutes of Health), 66% of Americans are either overweight or obese. The health implications of this are staggering! With diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, fatigue, loss of sex drive among the results – not to mention the stigma. AVN will help you lose and manage your FAT content through holistic methods that will add to your vitality and life.

Low Testosterone's Not Only for the Elderly

Today, younger men are experiencing lower testosterone, leading to early erectile dysfunction, lower sex drive and reproductive issues. However, the reasons are different from elderly men. Environmental exposures to common items have affected the HTPA or HPA Axis of younger men, resulting in lower hormonal secretion overall. Restoring your HTPA will fix many issues, not just low testosterone.

American Vitality Network Newspaper AdAre You Tired of Being Tired? Take Your Life Back!

Your body is a machine that requires certain things to operate optimally. When you take ALL aspects of wellbeing and address them holistically, the result is a leaner, stronger, younger mind and body.

American Vitality Network (AVN) doctor’s will conduct highly-specialized, confidential tests down to the cellular level. What they look for are how to help your body repair itself more efficiently and how to restore the proper level of hormones that affect the entire endocrinological system. When the building blocks nature provided are restored, the mind and body follow.


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