Meet Christopher White

mount carmel notre dameBorn and raised in Chicago Illinois, Chris has always been a competitive athlete. He starred in 3 sports at the High School known for being Chicago’s premiere Football Power House: Mount Carmel. Then later at Notre Dame, when the Football Program came back to its glory days, winning its last National Championship. Injuries, however, kept him from realizing his potential in Football, but in rehabbing those injuries, a new passion emerged: Health and Fitness. Always a FAN of Bodybuilding, Chris wanted to make sure he was optimally fit without the games many athletes play with illegal or harmful substances, with lifelong repercussions. Becoming a student of health and fitness, Chris continues to study the latest science and medical breakthroughs for optimizing the body, working with the TOP Anti-Aging and Regenerative Physicians, Nutritionists, Dietician’s and Personal Trainers nationwide.

Chris White

Wealth Preservation and Accumulation

Having earned his Master of Business Administration from Notre Dame, he pursued a career in Wealth Preservation, Accumulation and Guaranteed Income Distribution. Christopher owns his own Financial Planning Agency with over 400 reps Nationwide. With over 25-years’ experience, managing successful portfolios which happened to include many Physician clients, his passion was reborn. As years passed, he learned most physician clients were unhappy and felt unfulfilled.

Doctors envisioned their careers to be treating and caring for people, from a preventative and wellness standpoint. Instead, they were faced with the bureaucracy of Big Medical Administrators, Big Insurance and Big Pharma with other objectives for their patients. Health and wellness became “Sick Care” – a purely profit-driven model to keep patients “IN THE SYSTEM.” Patients were not able to get the best care and the physicians were handcuffed.

There had to be a Better Way

Concierge Medicine (NO Insurance, No Big Medical Administrators or Big Pharma pulling the strings) was the answer. Physicians could care for their patients’ by preventing illness – promoting Health and Vitality – and in doing so, slow the aging process whereby patients could live LIFE to the fullest! Merging the Vitality Concept with medical professionals who want to do the best for their patients was a no brainer – a win-win for both patient and physician.

American Vitality Network

American Vitality Network is the completion of that dream. Imagine an All-Star team of the best doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers and life coaches? If a person could get state-of-the-art, unbiased diagnoses, treatments and therapies – WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY – with NO restrictions, what would life be like? If it were cost effective, how many more could enjoy a higher quality of Life and Vitality? Chris accomplished fusing his skills, experience and passion into what would have been thought only for the elite, to be made available to the masses.

Along with his other company, All American Financial Network (AAFN), Chris looks to combine the best financial guarantees along with health and wellness, to offer a complete package: the Health and Wealth to best enjoy the rest of your life.

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