Are You Struggling in Bed? 4 Options to Help You Perform at Your Peak!

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There used to be a time when male virility was long lasting. Men in their 60s were having children and had the strength to be involved in their lives. Back then, men used to work in the open fresh air, doing strong work with their hands and bodies (exercising), eating untainted raw food, promoting a strong cardiovascular and immune system. Then came progress.

farmerThe Industrial Revolution had men (and women) working long hours in factories, breathing dirty air, eating processed foods, being exposed to chemicals and electronics that emitted electro-magnetic waves that did who knows what. Cigarettes became the trend that even doctors recommended them for relaxation. Eventually, cushy jobs became the norm, doing less strenuous exercise by default, letting the body atrophy over time.

With all this PROGRESS came things that were never meant to be in the body and made it less efficient at handling the natural fats, carbs and calories which were part of the normal diet. This led to obesity, complacency, high stress, hormonal imbalances and plaques that would clog areas we never knew could be clogged.

The result, men as young as in their mid-thirties having fatigue and sexual performance issues. Left untreated, as they became older, the quality and joy of life diminished. Is there any doubt why we get grumpy old men?

4 Things You Can Do to Restore Your Prowess

Luckily, science has been hard at work (no pun intended) discovering root causes and how to treat them, providing solutions from a few dollars for temporal results, to several hundred for more lasting results and higher satisfaction. So, depending where you fall on the economic scale, you have options to start enjoying life once again.

1. ED Pills

cialisMany discoveries happen by chance. Pfizer, while testing what they expected to be a new heart medication, found that the test subjects were getting boners on the table – and Viagra was born.

What was learned was that over time our penises (being muscles) suffer from stress as well. Using a PDE-5 inhibitor (Viagra and Cialis) allowed the penile muscles to relax, unconstricting the tension. A relaxed member allowed for easier blood flow, producing an erection.

Since then, more advanced science has created better alternatives. Cialis, the second leading ED pill, allows one to take a pill and forget about it for 36 hours on average; while Viagra lasted about seven. Therefore, a man could take Cialis on Friday night and be ready through Sunday mid-morning – allowing for fun and adventure throughout the weekend. No more hoping you took the pill in time once you knew you had an opportunity. Read, Cialis Vs. Viagra: A Quick Comparison of Cialis vs. Viagra.

2. Testosterone Replacement or Restoration

overweightKeep in mind that ED pills do not treat the cause, only the symptom. The root cause can vary:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Psychological fears
  • Low HGH and/or Testosterone
  • A messed up HPTA Axis
  • Being Overweight

Without testing, it’s hard to know. However, once the root cause has been identified, you can lick this problem (okay, that pun WAS intended). Some solutions may be just lifestyle changes, which you can do at no cost. Some may require a little help at low to moderate cost.

One common cause is low Testosterone. Testosterone, that hormone that gives men their strength, manly qualities and sex drive, can start decreasing (depending on lifestyle) between 30- and 40-years old. It will eventually happen to everyone. However, it’s not something you have to accept. You can be tested to see where your levels are, and if necessary, provide the correct amount to bring you back to your normal levels.

You need to be careful not to take Testosterone haphazardly, without a test and medical direction, as too much can have consequences. However, the right levels are where your individual body operates optimally, and is safe and amazing. Learn more about Testosterone therapy.

3. HGH Therapy

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is another hormone that plays a part. As we age, we produce less. HGH is responsible for repairing the body, regulating composition, fluids, muscle, bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism. In other words, it makes you look good and repairs your engine so it CAN perform.

If your HGH levels are low, you can become fat, have your cholesterol out of whack, get weaker bones and your muscles can atrophy. Moreover, your skin becomes aged and wrinkled. Replacing or restoring HGH will not only help you feel better, it will help you look better so that you can attract the lady and put your Testosterone to work. Learn more about HGH therapy.

4. Undoing the Damage to the Penile Tissue

Over time, blood vessels in your penis breaks down. The fewer the blood vessels, the more difficult to get an erection. ED pills allow the remaining blood vessels to fill up more, but what if those other vessels were to fill up as well, how much better would your erection be?

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) uses shock waves to break the plaque build up that is blocking the damaged blood vessels, allowing the body to dispose of them, so they can receive blood again. This has been in use in Europe and is new to America.

GAINSWaveHowever, never one to be outdone, American scientists have created a new variant called GAINSWave™, which uses high-frequency acoustical sound waves that are not only more effective, it’s more comfortable. It not only makes your penis attain an erection naturally, but since blood vessels are not only stimulated to work again, it also promotes the growth of new ones, it’s been known to enhance the size of an erection.

GAINSWave is a non-invasive, out-patient, non-surgical treatment that takes only 20 minutes per session. A full regimen of six (6) sessions over a few week period will provide strong and powerful results for 2+ years (results may vary). Learn more about GAINSWave.

Decisions, decisions…

These 4 modalities each have their own benefits. However, a combination will amaze you at how you can turn back your biological clock as much as 20 years. For example, restoring your Testosterone and HGH levels will not only give you the strength necessary to enjoy better sexual activity and repair your body, maintaining key functions of youth, but when complemented by GAINSWave to remove plaque and promote healthy blood vessel growth, well, you can imagine the results.

menTherefore, get yourself tested. Find out where your body stands on key indicators: Testosterone and HGH. Decide if you need help in those areas. If you’re not exercising, start an exercise program that fits your lifestyle. Then, repair the plumbing. Get rid of the plaque, open the old vessels and add a few new ones in for good measure. After all, you have only one life to live, why not live it to the fullest – with your favorite lady being your biggest cheerleader!

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Chris has always been a competitive athlete, and fitness and health expert. He Founded AVN, an All-Star team of the best doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers and life coaches, offering health, anti-aging, weight loss and erectile dysfunction services.

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