Everything You Need to Know About HGH and CJC 1295, an How to Save Thousands of Dollars

HGH and CJC 1295

Whether You’re A Body Builder or Just Want Better Muscle Tone, Energy and Metabolism

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was ALL the rave in the late 1990’s and at the turn of the century. Many people created products that purported to HELP your body naturally produce greater amounts of it, promising the fountain of youth in a grape drink. Other’s got creative and sold products that were used as date-rape drugs (GHB), because they knocked out the consumer, supposedly as your body went into a deep sleep to produce HGH. Even Sylvester Stallone was caught with HGH on his way to Australia to film RAMBO 27 (or some ongoing number in the franchise), adding to the allure and mystique.

However, not understanding the realties of HGH and what is considered scientifically and medically the best way to increase or supplement your HGH levels, can lead to unintended consequences – and make you poorer in the process. So, let’s look at what is considered the best and most affordable method of producing or supplanting HGH – CJC 1295.

We’ll discuss the benefits and possible side effects of CJC 1295, how it should be used for maximum effect, instructions for mixing it, whether you should use CJC 1295 with or without DAC, proper dosage and whether or not you should buy it online.

Benefits of using CJC 1295

lean muscle massLean body mass, gains in muscle mass and increased strength. These are just a few of the benefits which CJC 1295 will deliver. It’s a long-acting GHRH analog or (growth hormone releasing hormone). The lifespan for releasing growth hormones is spread by tetrahedral modifications of CJC 1295, and the drug affinity complex (DAC). Therapeutic effects are increased because of this, and users require fewer injections in comparison to other growth hormones. These are just a few of the CJC 1295 benefits users will appreciate in comparison to other growth hormone injections available on the market.

Side Effects of CJC 1295

headacheOf course, many users will complain of side effects. However, when it comes to CJC 1295 with DAC, the main CJC 1295 side effects are present as the growth hormone relates to the stimulation of the pituitary gland. An increase in the widening of blood vessels, known as vasodilation, is often associated with the surge of the growth hormone into the user’s body. This typically lasts for a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours, post-injection.

Additionally, itching, pain, redness, and soreness are often noted as side effects at the injection point, although this is not reported with all users. HGH levels also increase at the cellular level once CJC 1295 is injected. Research suggests this can lead to: increased muscle strength, fat metabolism and muscular mass. Improved skin-tone and muscle definition are also noted. For those who want to further enhance CJC 1295 with DAC effects will find that proper diet and exercise regimens will help in doing just that.

CJC 1295 Cycle: How should it be used and administered

Those who participate in studies for HGH often are given injections 2 to 3 times daily. This is typically before breakfast, before bed and post-workout. These test periods can last up to several weeks in order to determine the actual CJC 1295 benefits on test-subjects. They are also meant to mimic as closely as possible, the actual secretion of the hormones.

The half-life of DAC is an 8 day period, and for this reason the cycles are usually shorter in duration. So the injections are only given once weekly, which result in increased GH secretion levels. Research currently doesn’t suggest that one or the other cycle delivers greater results, so it’s personal preference, based on what each user wants to use when injecting the CJC 1295.


Using CJC 1295 for Body Building

weight liftingOnce adolescent growth ceases, it’s difficult for the body to produce HGH in such high volumes as it once did, making it harder to build lean muscle mass. HGH has helped in development of children who were deficient in the growth hormone, and this sparked a synthetic version to be created in 1985.

Several studies have since been conducted, detailing how HGH has helped build muscle mass, decrease body fat and otherwise benefit adult users. Sometimes an off-label prescription of HGH is given, particularly for bodybuilders, the high cost ($3,500 for Serostim 126IU KITS), and the difficulty of getting a prescription, makes it otherwise trying for adults who aren’t prescribed the injection, to be supplemented.

Research has shown that administering CJC 1295 once weekly helps to increase plasma GH concentrations (2-10 times more) for a period of up to 6 days after injection. Further, it increases IGF-1 levels by 1.5 to 3 times, for a period of 9 to 11 days, with no adverse side effects. For the bodybuilder, those who are always on the go, or even moms who need a boost of energy, these injections can feel like users have found the “fountain of youth,” and will instantly notice a boost in energy levels.

Instructions for using CJC 1295 (5MG)

The injection is non-pyrogenic, sterile and intended for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection use. In other words, under the skin or into the muscle. It’s to be administered after re-concentration with bacteriostatic water for injection purposes. An insulin syringe can be used for subcutaneous injection, with a 1 mg CJC 1295 dosage per injection, 5 per vial, at maximum suggested dosing. (A Five-Week Supply). Add 1 CC of Bacteriostatic water and draw 20 on this insulin syringe.

Sample Injections: Amounts to be administered

When using CJC 1295, it’s important to follow proper dosage instructions. Depending on whether you are going to use the injection in the morning or evening hours, the frequency at which you will be injecting the syringe will differ.

CJC 1295 with DAC 1000 mcg should be taken once weekly.

A nighttime injection should be given on an empty stomach (best for use at night due to issues with drowsiness). It should be taken 2-3 hours after your last meal.

You will inject the GHRP6 peptide and go straight to bed.

CJC 1295 Reviews: Will this benefit me?

“Four months ago, I added CJC 1295 with DAC to my cycle.” The product is legitimate, and it worked great for me!

“After including CJC 1295 with DAC, I leaned out, noticed greater muscle growth and definition. What more could users ask for?”

“If you are looking for an alternative to HGH injections, you’ve found it with CJC 1295 with DAC. The product is far superior.”

In addition to these reviews, it’s noted that CJC 1295 has helped increase blood serum levels, of HGH, within 3 to 11 days after inception of use. The longer half-life, alongside the continual release of growth hormone, means the CJC 1295 isn’t affected by food timing. This is contrary to other peptides you might’ve used in the past.

Using CJC 1295 with DAC

sleepyWhen you add DAC (drug affinity complex) to CJC 1295, you extend the half-life of it by one week and it also helps you reach steadier blood levels after the injection. By adding DAC, you also allow for the greater possibility of utilizing smaller Growth Hormone pules, which was once thought of as a bleed, and when combined with a GHRP it can activate Growth Hormone stores the be released throughout the night and day. By stimulating cell growth, CJC 1295 will help improve skin-immunity, as well as internal organ-mass. Users further report that their sleep patterns are improved. This is essential to help in muscle development and overall health.

The main purpose of CJC 1295 is to boost protein synthesis levels and help fuel the growth of muscle tissues in the body. Many benefits will be derived, among these are:

  • Reduced body fat.
  • Quicker recovery times post-injury.
  • Increased muscle mass.
  • Increase in strength.

Using CJC 1295 without DAC

If you are going to use CJC 1295 without DAC, then you should know you are basically taking MOD GRF-129, which can be good for certain individuals that are looking to get shorter spikes of Growth Hormone release throughout the day. But if you are looking to not inject as much daily and still want to have more powerful GH stores, then about 2- times a week you should choose to inject the CJC 1295 (with DAC).

Will CJC 1295 cause water retention?

Because it stimulates the pituitary gland, those who are using higher doses of CJC 1295 might notice water retention in their body. Simply skip a dose, or reduce intake levels of sodium if you notice this issue. Water retention and increased levels of tiredness have also been reported by some users. After a couple of weeks, once the body has adapted, these issues typically resolve themselves. For those who notice these issues, it might be necessary to change your injection schedule and only inject the CJC 1295 prior to bedtime, as opposed to in the morning.

Dosing CJC 1295 With DAC

CJC 1295 with DAC: Take 1000 mcg once weekly, preferably before bedtime. If headaches occur or the “rushing sensation is too much to handle: can split that dose up 2x over the week.

Modified GRF 1-29 frequency: Inject 1 to 3 times daily, best when used with 100 to 200 mcg GHRP peptides.

How to inject CJC 1295

CJC-1295For best results, subcutaneous injections are suggested. Wash your hands and gather all materials, also clean the vial with alcohol prior to injection. Simply use an insulin syringe so you can extract the desired dosage, and tap/flick the syringe, so you can remove unwanted bubbles.

To prevent infection, it’s best to use an alcohol pad to wipe the skin prior to injection. Gently insert the needle into the fat, and inject the contents in the syringe. Once completed, wipe the injection site with alcohol and dispose of the syringe.

CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin

CJC 1295 with DAC is often used alongside Ipamorelin, because of the synergistic effects and increased GH release levels. If you are on the CJC 1295 weekly cycle, you will include Ipamorelin evening injections (again, this may cause drowsiness). This will decrease cortisol and prolactin levels, in comparison to GHRP 2 and GHRP 6.

Research using Ipamorelin of 200 to 300 mcg dosage, 2 to 3 times daily with subcutaneous injections

It’s best to begin with lower dosage, to reduce the side effects (typically rush/headaches). It’s best to inject 20 to 30 minutes pre-workout, because of the pulse in growth hormone, it will produce the best results. Ipamorelin will work slower than GHRP, so spikes in GH levels isn’t as noticeable as quickly. The slower release is natural and has prolonged effects. Further, for those who are on restricted, calorie intake diets, there is no report of increased hunger levels using Ipamorelin or GHRP 6.

Is it normal to be flushed with CJC 1295?

Using 1000 mcg per injection, most people respond well to the CJC 1295 injection. Head rush, or throbbing headache/pain, are the most commonly reported side effects by users. This may start 10 minutes post injection and last for a period of up to 20 minutes.

This isn’t a serious side effect and is attributed to the release of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which is a neurotransmitter. This is seen as a good sign by users, as it indicates peptides are working and HGH release is occurring in the body.

Is CJC 1295 better than synthetic HGH?

CJC 1295 with DAC is far safer than using synthetic HGH injections. CJC with DAC injected in full dose, 1x weekly, or a half dose, 2x weekly, will stimulate your pituitary to max out your OWN supply. Think of when you were still growing as a child, the energy levels you had! The Synthetic HGH (if using more that 2-3 IU daily), is super physiological – one’s body could never make that much at one time and side effects are amplified. Cost is the other Issue: Synthetic HGH like Omnitrope and Serostim can cost upwards of $3,500 if prescribed (at 2-3 IU a day – only an 8-week supply – can get quite expensive)! A five-week supply of CJC with DAC (Bio-Identical HGH) will run you ONLY $200 – THAT’S $20 A WEEK!

Considerations when ordering CJC 1295 from American Vitality Network Medical Services

Regardless of the benefits you are trying to achieve, increasing growth hormone levels is beneficial to those who work out routinely and are on a balanced diet. Not only will you realize an increase in muscle-mass and lean-mass development, you are also going to notice reduced body-fat levels.

Due to the nature of studies, the usage and dosage each individual administers is up to them. It’s important to however consider the fact that drowsiness and headaches, are possible side effects to using the CJC 1295 with DAC. For this reason, it’s important to test both nighttime (once weekly) and morning use to determine which works best for you.

Where can I buy REAL CJC 1295 from online?

If you are going to buy CJC 1295 online, there are a few things you should consider. First, not all manufacturers are producing a quality product; typically, it will say on their websites “Not for Human Consumption” or something along those lines. This means it’s not pharmaceutical grade CJC 1295 and could be a fake knock off powder. So when you are looking to buy CJC 1295 online, Caveat Emptor. AVN Medical has licensed doctors who order CJC 1295 directly from licensed pharmacies and can consult with you on how to take it properly for the maximum results.

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Chris has always been a competitive athlete, and fitness and health expert. He Founded AVN, an All-Star team of the best doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers and life coaches, offering health, anti-aging, weight loss and erectile dysfunction services.

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