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RejuveNATION Medical Concierge by AVN

TRT Therapy in Medica Conierge Service from AVN

AVN is the Top Hormone Restoration Therapy and Preventative Clinic offering Concierge Medical Services to improve the health and wellness of patients we serve, offering personalized treatment and individual care. Concierge Medicine is the latest approach the BEST Physicians use when greater focus on wellness and preventative care becomes the primary focus over treating a problem, once it has surfaced (Traditional Medicine).

RejuveNATION Medical Concierge by AVN not only offers the latest state-of-the-art antiaging, erectile dysfunction and male enhancement therapies, but all the same preventative health services you’ve come to expect from a personal doctor. Moreover, WE COME TO YOU! House calls may have disappeared in America, but not at RejuveNATION. We understand you are busy and being a member deserves a higher-level of service… and we deliver.

Employer Group Benefits

AVN also works with employer groups who wish to offer a health and wellness benefit, which is more cost-effective than standard insurance that delivers state-of-the-art results that will increase productivity and morale; all improving the bottom line.

AVN patients can expect Comprehensive Physicals (EKG, check carotid, aortic and femoral arteries for plaque buildup), Anthropometry (analyzing body composition and establishing a baseline, then accessing goals and objectives to improve on those measures both from a quantitative and qualitative standpoint) This increases lean muscle mass and decreases dangerous stored and visceral fat to provide better health and Vitality.

What is the American Vitality Physician network difference?—where is it going relative to all of the TRT clinics springing up across the country.

AVN Network Physicians are Health Care Fiduciaries: Addressing all the patient’s needs from a health and wellness standpoint and in that patient’s BEST INTEREST!  AVN Physicians take an offensive, holistic approach AVN Wax Seal(Address ALL Facets) and surround themselves with the best defensive team of Nutritionists, Registered Dieticians, Personal Trainers and Life Coaches. Putting together the WINNING Team for the patient-client is what creates the Vitality Experience. Smart Physicians have taken notice and many have taken this leap of faith already, as the rewards of primary care medicine have become virtually non-existent.

American Vitality Network Provides the training and licensing protocol to ensure its TEAM approach provides Health Care predicated on the Fiduciary Standard: Do what is in the BEST interest of the patient-client; not what is in the best interest of Big Pharma, Medical Administrators and Big Insurance! In doing so, AVN Doctors exude the “Vitality” difference: the continuation of a meaningful existence: AND the primary reason they chose to help others optimize health as their profession.

Getting Started with RejuveNATION Medical Concierge by AVN

Getting started is simple and easy:

  1. Fill out the BHRT and AVN Medical Intake forms.

  2. Fax back to 312.674.7605 or scan and email to

  3. Order your MD Comprehensive Medical Exam (this is a one-time charge of $295)

This starts your membership. Then your monthly membership fee is $249, which includes ALL follow up appointments with doctor at YOUR home.

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