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stemcellChara is the Greek word for Joy. It describes a feeling of inner gladness, delight or rejoicing. Chara is a deep-seated pleasure; it is a depth of assurance and confidence that ignites a cheerful heart. It does not come from favorable circumstances, but from a deep sense of well-being in the heart of the person who knows all is well between himself and the Lord.

While stem cell therapies may seem to have appeared overnight, they have been practiced for decades. The most recent developments in stem cell science have brought exciting new opportunities for improving patient outcomes – especially over the long term.

AVN has teamed up with Chara Biologics to bring the latest and best, high-caliber stem-cell technologies available to AVN members at member pricing. Chara is an industry leader and AVN strives to brings its members the very best in medical and health services available worldwide.

Chara products are neonatal in origin, with stem cells obtained from a healthy newborn baby. Chara strives to provide the best regenerative medicine product in the marketplace. Chara’s state-of-the-art laboratory uses proprietary technology in order to produce cells of the highest viability, while preserving the integrity of extracellular environment. Chara’s products are obtained from donors using the most stringent selection criteria, to ensure your safety.

Chara Offers Two Core Stem-Cell Products and Therapies


High cell count, with valuable components from umbilical cord blood, cord tissue and amniotic membrane. Delicately processed, thus maximally preserving therapeutic elements. Contains a high amount of MSC’s and various growth factors. Offered in 1cc & 2cc vials for all forms of injections.


Rich in scaffolding, with a significant amount of extracellular matrix, including elements like growth factors, collagen, lipids, proteins, carbohydrate and other nutrients. These elements help protect, cushion, lubricate and reduce inflammation. Offered at 1cc & 2cc vials for local joint injections.

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